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Free Physics-Based Simulation Software for Personal Computers

Have you ever wanted to watch your digital creations interact with one another within a real-time virtual environment? This program provides a quick and simple means to do so.

A Perfect Application for Beginners

Phun is a software application which allows users to combine different graphical elements such as polygons and create virtual "machines". It is a great alternative to more complicated (and costly) platforms such as Bullet and COMSOL Multiphysics; ideal for those who are looking for a trimmed-down version. This game combines gravity, power and acceleration to accurately reproduce how items would interact with one another in a real-world environment. Most of the objects consist of squares, rectangles and circles.

Great for Those Learning About Physics-Based Sandboxes

While Phun is a highly interactive platform, it offers a very user-friendly feel. There are a number of options such as rotating a shape, adding "springs" to a design or fixing a specific element in place. It is also possible to choose from a number of existing templates to encounter even more shapes. This software is free to use and no license is required.


  • An excellent tool for children and beginners.
  • Unlike more complicated physics applications, Phun will not require a great deal of memory.


  • Some of the controls might be a bit too basic.
  • The graphics are not nearly as detailed as premium physics-based sandboxes.


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Phun 1.0 for Mac


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